The Greater Los Angeles area, also known as the Southland, is a group of metropolitan areas extending over 5 counties in Southern California. It is the second-largest urban area in the U.S., encompassing Los Angeles County in the center, Ventura County in the west, San Bernardino and Riverside Counties in the east, and Orange County to the southeast. Only the New York metropolitan area is larger than the Greater Los Angeles area.

This highly populated, urbanized area surrounds Los Angeles County as its urban core. The term “Greater Los Angeles area” refers to the almost continuously urbanized regions stretching from Ventura County to Orange County’s southern border and from the Pacific Ocean to the Coachella Valley in the Inland Empire.

Southland History

Not everyone knows that there was once an oil derrick in the middle of La Cienega Boulevard. When the derrick went up in 1907, the boulevard did not extend that far. The oil well was in the way, just south of the intersection with Beverly Boulevard, when the City of Los Angeles decided to extend La Cienega Boulevard in 1929. Unable to reach an agreement with the owners, the City compromised by bending the lanes of traffic around the well. This unusual traffic hazard was photographed by Ansel Adams in the early 1940s.

Boutique Real Estate Group Serving the Greater Los Angeles Area

Beverly Hills Estates Realty is a high-end, boutique real estate group run by Los Angeles real estate market veterans. Marisa Zanuck, our broker of record, has a 20-year proven track record helping clients buy and sell homes in Beverly Hills, Hollywood Hills, Sunset Plaza, and Westside of Los Angeles. You can see her name on “For Sale” signs throughout the Greater Los Angeles area. Marisa has sold hundreds of millions worth of property and appeared on several mass media outlets, in testament to her real estate skills and the level of service she provides her clients.

Our commercial director, Tom Stagen, brings more than 45 years of forward thinking and innovation in the real estate industry to our firm. In his long career, Tom has been active on a large scale in the development of iconic income properties, the sale of residential units, and management of residential apartments, condominium units, and office and retail properties.

Our dedicated group of extraordinary agents and brokers includes:

  • Mark Sleeper, who has years of transactional real estate and mortgage banking experience
  • Patrick Kibby, who is licensed as a broker in both real estate and real estate finance

In an industry dominated by large corporations, we remain a boutique firm, never getting lost in the giant real estate machine and continuing to provide highly personalized for our clients. Our agents appreciate the sense of culture, camaraderie, and cooperation we foster in our group.