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6400 Primrose Ave. #19 2 beds, 2 baths, 894 Sq Ft


6400 Primrose Ave. #19

Mid-Cenutruy 2 Bedroom 2 Bathroom Condominium


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Holmby Hills 9 beds, 9 baths, 10,907 Sq Ft

Price upon request Beverly Hills

Holmby Hills

The beautiful Holmby Hills property in Beverly Hills, Ca.

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Rainbow Rd 6 beds, 6.5 baths, 11,377 Sq Ft

$7,500,000 Bahamas

Rainbow Rd

Inspired by the warm climate of the Bahamas, Poinciana House is the perfect residence to base your vacation time in Nassau.

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Beverly Hills Real EstateQuality of Life

Residents of Beverly Hills live an extraordinary quality of life. The community is safe, beautiful, and lush, with properties built on large lots, for privacy and a retreat-like atmosphere. It would be difficult to imagine a more aesthetic place to live. Beverly Hills is known the world over as an exclusive community, and as the home of well-known celebrities and top-level executives

Beverly Hills Properties

Finding the right property in Beverly Hills requires working with a realtor who has the “inside track.” New properties come on the market, and gaining advance notice of these properties makes all the difference in finding exactly what you need. At Beverly Hills Estate Realty, our dedication to our clients drives us to perform and to provide the most professional assistance in buying, selling, renting, or leasing properties in Beverly Hills.

Fun Fact: Beverly Hills 90210 was not actually shot in Beverly Hills, but in an exclusive area of Altadena, California, a community near Pasadena.

Whether you live in the area, or are visiting from afar, just walking through Beverly Hills neighborhoods is a distinct pleasure. Some of the most common visitor destinations include the Beverly Hills sign and lily pond – the perfect spots to sit and enjoy the Southern California sunshine or pose for a photo. For shopping, Rodeo Drive is the ultimate destination to find exclusive items of all types, offering clothing boutiques, jewelry, art, and luxury designs at the high-end flagship fashion houses. Countless trendy California-style eateries, spas, and exclusive drinking establishments are within walking distance, so plan on spending many hours exploring the street.

For a more educational experience, visit the Paley Center for Media, a non-profit museum that honors television – from its inception. With over 160,000 TV and radio programs archived and accessible, the museum is a must for the media-obsessed among us.

Enjoy the gardens and grand old-school luxury of the Doheny estate, a registered historical landmark. The property, also known as the “Greystone Mansion,” is open to the public. The estate hosts The Annual Hollywood Ball, raising money for the Pure Foundation, a group that provides financial assistance for children in need. You may recognize the estate, as it has been the location of many movies and TV episodes, including The Big Lewbowski, The Dirty Dozen, The Bodyguard, and episodes of Gilmore Girls and Entourage, among many other productions. Experience a lovely walk on the large property and gardens to enjoy old Hollywood at its best.

While Beverly Hills is known for its connection to the entertainment industry, it was a sought-after location long before the movie industry discovered the area. The underlying reason for the attraction was the presence of a scarce Southern California commodity: water. Streams originating in three canyons flow into the area, meeting at Beverly Drive and Sunset Boulevard, which was once a Native American sacred site, called “Gathering of the Waters,” or “El Rodeo de las Aguas,” the origin of the name of Rodeo Drive, the exclusive shopping district in Beverly Hills.

The area was populated by the Tongva tribe until the arrival of the Europeans. Sadly, not only did the Spanish padres bring a new religion, but a scourge of smallpox which decimated two-thirds of the tribe.

Owned by Mexico, the area was used to raise horses and cattle on the lush natural meadows. After the Civil War, oil was discovered and wells drilled in the area. Raising sheep rather than cattle took over. Unfortunately, drought is not uncommon in Southern California, and after several serious dry spells, ranching came to an end.

Investors purchased the Beverly Hills property in 1906, planning to create a new city, naming the main street Rodeo Drive, and the city Beverly Hills. The city was planned carefully, with the first streets created in 1907. Santa Monica Park was also established during this period. The iconic Beverly Hills Hotel was constructed in 1912, and soon became the center of life in the Beverly Hills community.

A wave of movie stars soon moved into the area, and it was buzzing with growth and excitement. A speedway for racing was established, drawing in more people to the area, with radio broadcasts of races adding to the glamour. The City of Los Angeles attempted to annex Beverly Hills in 1923, which failed.

Beverly Hills has a long history of growth, but excessive growth and expansion was stopped, and Beverly Hills properties rarely come on the market. When they do, they are sought after by people from across the globe who are seeking the pleasures of a luxurious, private lifestyle.

Some of the most iconic homes in Beverly Hills include the Hearst Mansion. This property was the most expensive listing in U.S. history in 2007, when it was listed at $165 million. The city has countless historic properties, and city leaders have acted to preserve these buildings. Listed historical buildings include the Virginia Robinson estate and garden, the Beverly Hills Women’s Club, the Beverly Hills Post Office, the “Witch’s House,” the Waverly Mansion, and Beverly Hills City Hall, among countless others. You can wander the streets enjoying the beauty created by the most gifted architects of the past.


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